Lemon Break



26 plays

Finn went to countryside help his cousin to prepare the party but they ran out of lemon, Fin has proposed to go shopping for lemon. On the way to the store he was attracted by lemon smell from a castle, so he gets inside. Guess what he will find in there? A kingdom of lemons. Now you should guide Finn to collect all lemons, to release all of inhabitants that were captured in cages by an evil Lord Lemongrab. And access the exit door to proceed to the next level. Crawl and duck your head down through low passage or you’ll bang it on the rock. Watch out the edge or falling into poisonous green water lead to you lose a life. Running out of lives you need to restart the level. Be careful stone bridges are fragile as they will collapse when you step on and will rebuild automatically. You may lose all your lemons and get damaged if giant rats touch you, so dodge to avoid or jump on them, as well as their boss to blow them. You can get more lemons by killing enemies. Grab fireballs to defeat bats in the mids air, Lemongrab that crawl up from pipes throw bombs at you. There are guidance signs on the stage in case you are stuck. Can you manage to get out of dangerous castle?

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